The 2020 Project: A 64km Hike to Zala Dole

Zala Dole, with a population of 1485 people, is remote. It's nestled high in the hills of the Bonke Woreda in the most rural and remote corner of Ethiopia. 


There are two springs near the community that can be capped to provide sufficient water for the daily use of women, men, and children who live there – enough even for the community as it grows in the future. Once these springs are capped and the water is piped nearly 6km to people’s doorsteps, life in the community will change dramatically.


In addition to infrastructure, we will work with families to teach them simple skills that will keep them healthier, such as washing their hands, using shelving in their homes, and digging latrines. A local water management committee has been formed to ensure that the community has the tools and knowledge needed to care for their water system into the future.


Caretakers and community health educators will be trained and given responsibility to work with others in their village to keep the water points and their surroundings clean. Women will have the opportunity to gather together into groups with their neighbours and friends to learn new skills and support each other.


The total cost for the project in Zala Dole is $350,000.


Kala Dole Project Infrastructure

  • 2 capped springs

  • 2 reservoirs

  • 10 water points

  • 8 wash basins

  • 6 km of pipe

  • 10 caretakers trained

  • 1 water management committees

  • Dozens of pit latrines built

In 2016 we pledged $1,000,000 to provide safe access to clean water in Southern Ethiopia.

The work continues.


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